BEE Affidavit Certificate

Complete the form below and receive your BEE Affidavit Certificate within 24 hours.

The cost for this service is R490.

Please note that the below steps are only for Enterprises / Sole Proprietors with an annual turnover / income below R 10 million.

With an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME), the only criteria is looking at the company’s annual turnover (under R10 million) and the % black shareholding.

The levels are calculated as follows by looking at the black shareholding:

  • If your company is 100 % black owned , you will get a Level 1 BEE Certificate – the best level available
  • If your black ownership’s between 51 % and 99 % , you will get a Level 2 BEE certificate
  • If your black ownership’s is less than 51%, you will get a Level 4 BEE Certificate

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