COID Services

COID Services – Compensation Fund and Letter of Good Standing
Do you need to be registered for Workmens Compensation (COID) and a Letter of Good Standing ?
Complete the form below in order to get your registration within 3-5 days.


  • First Time COIDA Registration (Workmans Compensation) + Letter of Good Standing: R1800
  • COIDA Renewal: Letter of Good Standing (Workmans Compensation): R1350

How it Works ?

  • We will visit the Offices of the Compensation Fund on your behalf to complete the correct forms, wait in the quees, meet with an official and make sure that your Application is successful.
  • Our specialised consultants will ensure that your COIDA registration will be delt with in the shortest and most efficient manner
  • Once your COIDA registration is finalised, the client must pay the Notice of Assessment(NOA) directly to the Compensation Fund. The NOA payment is exlcuded form the fee above and is calculated by the Compensation Fund based on the risk profile and salary amounts provided.
  • As soon as the NOA is paid, we will then proceed to apply for your LETTER OF GOOD STANDING

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