COVID19 UIF Relief

To mitigate the impact of the national lockdown on workers and business, the UIF will be processing applications for the Covid-19 TERS benefit electronically.

Employers that are unable to pay full salaries due to the impact of the national lockdown are encouraged to apply for the Covid-19 TERS benefit.

To qualify for the Covid-19 TERS benefit your company must comply with the following requirements:

  • Registered with UIF
  • Compliant with SARS and UIF
  • Closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Must have declared salaries and paid UIF in the past 3 months

Should you wish to process your own application we will provide the following documentation:

  • National disaster payment prescribed template
  • Payroll annual transaction report per month

We would like to offer our clients assistance with the COVID-19 TERS application process.

Our fee structure for the COVID-19 application service is as follows:

1 to 10 employees on the payroll a set fee of R500

11 employees and more a set fee of R750 plus an additional R50 per employee.

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    • For Companies with 10 or less employee it will cost R500
    • For Companies with 10 or more it will cost R750 + R50 per additional employee