BusinessNeeds Online™ will help you to obtain a Certificate within 24 Hours !

Obtaining an original copy of the Founding Statement (CK1) will take about 5-7 working days. (Please specify should want this copy of the original CoR 14.3 / CK1 and not the Certificate disclosure)

How Much Will It Cost ?
We ask R 150.00 per certificate

How Long Does It Take ?
We will provide you with the certificate within 24 Hours after proof of payment was received

What appears on the certificate?

  • Enterprise Information (Name, Registration Number, Description, Address etc.)
  • Accounting Officer Details (Name, Postal address,Profession, Membership/Practice number)
  • Details of Members (Surname and First Names, ID Number or Date of Birth, Contributions, % Interests, Appointment Date, Postal Address and Physical Address of Each Member)

Please complete the following 2 Steps in order to obtain your Certificate of Confirmation for any Company / Close Corporation or Company in South Africa:

Step 1
Make a R 150.00 payment to the following account:

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Email proof of payment to

Step 2
Fill out the requested fields below and submit:

If you have any questions or need assistance please email us on

PLEASE NOTE: The Price to obtain the original CoR 14.3 / CK1 Founding Statement is R 300.00 and you will have to specify this in the comments field below

Request Certificate of Confirmation

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Please mention here if you would like the Original CK1/CK2 Founding Statement for R300 and not the Certificate of Confirmation